Dish up your salads in style with these sensational bowls and serveware

Eat your leafy greens in bowls worth giving a toss about
Colourful salad bowls and serving utensils double as stunning table centrepieces

A delicious and easy dish to prepare (with the help of a nifty salad spinner), a salad is a key component of almost any meal.

Add extra flair to your culinary creation with a decorative bowl and your pick of colourful, claw or silver salad servers.

Then, serve your salad with lashings of flavoursome dressing, add your just-barbequed protein and dress up your table setting with a complementary carafe.

Shop our favourite salad bowls, salad servers and salad spinners below.

The best salad bowls, servers and spinners 2024

Which type of salad bowls are best for serving out of?

Technically, you can use any bowl to serve a salad. However, we recommend a wider or deeper bowl for ease of serving.

Also, consider the material of your salad bowl. A wooden or plastic salad bowl is light in weight and easy to carry from the kitchen bench to the dining table. A ceramic or glass bowl is heavier, but it’ll make for a beautiful table feature.

Is it worth getting a salad spinner?

A more practical alternative to a colander and paper towels, a salad spinner is an efficient tool for washing away water non-abrasively, ensuring your salad leaves remain crispy and fresh.

After washing your salad ingredients, the spinner is also an excellent tool for mixing through the ingredients and dressing. 

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