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How to create a quiet nook

Set the scene to retreat, relax and recharge in a sweet spot that’s been decorated just for you

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself is a sacred place to retreat to whenever you feel the need for some quiet time.

In these photos, you’ll see the sweet, cosy space that I’ve created in my home. It’s a quaint yet inspiring spot that welcomes me in and invites me to let go of the busy world around me. It’s a slow and comfortable refuge for my heart and soul’s wanderings. Even just looking at my space brings me immense joy.

If you have kids as I do, you might wonder how to retreat to your space when they are with you. When I’m sitting in my spot with a cup of tea, my younger ones know they can come and cuddle with me if they want to, but I’ve also stipulated that it’s Mum’s quiet space that helps me to refuel. Encouraging them to draw or write next to you is another idea. And if all else fails, grab some Lego, some colouring books, or put a movie on for them.

Working with what you already have, I challenge you to create a cosy space just for you. It doesn’t need to be fancy or have a ton of things to make it lovely. It’s about being intentional about a few small touches that make you smile.

1 Pick your spot. This could be a desk or dining room table, an occasional chair, the corner of your couch, or even your bedside table if space is lacking.

2 Choose ambient lighting to create a sense of softness and illuminance. I love a vanilla-scented candle, or a lamp can do the trick. Diffusers with a light setting is another idea.

3 Bring inside a feeling of nature. This can be a plant or vase of flowers. Enjoying the artistry of things that grow, bloom and blossom can be a gentle reminder that the beauty of nature is slow, measured and spontaneous. We can choose to live in the same manner if we practise this. If you don’t have any plants or flowers, something wooden can also add a soft, natural feel to your nook.

4 Choose something tactile. Cushions or pillows, throws, and blankets all add a certain softness. Another simple indulgence is slippers and a hot water bottle. Something to keep in mind is that cosiness is not just about how something looks; it’s about how it feels, too.

5 Soothing scents can speak to the soul most powerfully. Think candles, essential oils in a diffuser, or dried flowers doused in essential oils.

6 Perhaps you might like to add something handmade or vintage that carries a story? A woven footstool, a treasured art piece on the wall, or a family picture in a frame. Another option is a
side table for holding your cup of tea and your journal.

Take it one step further

Once you’ve created your special nook, you might like to install these same feelings of cosiness throughout your home. For me, I’m always creating lovely little displays on my dressing table, as well as on my bathroom windowsill or bookshelf.

Words by: Eleanor Ozrich

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