Elevate your summer drinks with these stylish carafes

 The perfect addition to a dining table this summer, these drink vessels are as practical as they are decorative

Photographer: Phillip Castleton

With a couple of slices of lemon, plenty of ice, and your favourite summer beverage, a trusty carafe is always welcome on the table to hold your summer drink of choice, whether water, juice or an alcoholic tipple. From a modern glass pitcher to a rustic terracotta water jug which doubles as a vase, these vessels are sure to impress your guests.

Your new carafe will be the cherry on top of your summer table setting, filled to the brim with lemonade or sangria. We’ve also seen a recent surge in carafes styled on a bedside table, keeping nighttime thirst at bay.

If you’re looking for a minimalist drinks jug that’ll stand the test of time, a ceramic pitcher like this hand-crafted number from Flow Studio Ceramics is an excellent choice. Alternatively, Maison Balzac’s contemporary La Danse jug is an artful, eclectic piece to add to your cabinet.

Leave your wine decanter at the door (we’ll cover those another day), and shop our curation of the best carafes in New Zealand to keep you hydrated all summer long.

Stylish carafes, pitchers and water jugs to shop now

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