Six ways to update your kitchen

A kitchen renovation can take months and thousands of dollars, but a quick revamp is low-cost and near effortless. It’s the “I just woke up like this” of makeovers that will transform this busy space overnight

Update your appliances (or hide them away)

Appliances like a toaster or kettle see a lot of daily wear and tear, which can drag down the look of your kitchen. Updating these gadgets for newer models acts like an instant facelift, everything is a bit newer and shinier. Plus, it’s your chance to insert more colour into your culinary space by opting for bright, bold kitchen accessories. There’s just something about a yellow kettle that makes our heart sing. If you want to save your money, consider making space for old appliances in your pantry rather than on the countertop. You can still love your 20-year-old toaster, but sometimes a secret romance is the best kind.

Swap out your hardware

Trends come and go, leaving outdated kitchens in their wake. Thankfully, swapping out your cabinetry hardware is an easy, inexpensive hack as you transition from one decade to another. Maybe you want to switch out cabinet knobs for sleek bar handles or add aged brass for a touch of vintage elegance, the options are endless. Edge profile handles are currently a popular choice for their clean finish, the hollow channelled bars are attached to the drawer edge and you put your fingers in the hollow space to use it. Get the look of handleless cabinetry for a modern, minimalist-looking kitchen without the hassle and expense of bespoke versions.

Tap into tapware

There’s never been a better time to invest in tapware. With so many options, the choice between single lever, double lever, wall-mounted or monobloc design is endless. Pull-down or pull-out taps are loved by chefs for good reason, they offer much-needed flexibility when it comes to washing veggies or large pots in your sink. Square-neck taps are perfect for modern kitchens, while goose-neck taps extend a classical sensibility to any space with its timeless curves. With so much white used in our kitchens, opting for a green or playful blue tap, can be the difference between insipid and inspired. Water filter taps are a handy addition, perfect for filling up a sports bottle or a drinking glass. If you feel like splurging, opt for a model that comes with instant hot and cold water. It’s an everyday extravagance that’ll make you feel like you have a brand-new kitchen. Not to mention the precious time it’ll save you waiting for the kettle to boil.

Organise your pantry

Sometimes the reason a kitchen can look tired is because there’s simply too much stuff wearing it, and you, down. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of despair that comes with opening your fridge or pantry and not knowing where anything is. Introduce storage baskets to your pantry and add order to the chaos, sorting your staples accordingly, whether it’s by cuisine or by usage. Spice racks can be proudly displayed on a countertop and a great excuse to throw away all those similar looking little packets that can add 10 minutes to any cooking time as you rifle through them trying to find what you’re looking for. Fridge shelves, utensil canisters and knife blocks are little things that can make a huge difference.

Let that sink in

Sinks have a habit of sneakily aging, and even the best ones can start to look tired. Updating your sink can lift your kitchen into the 21st century with clever new designs and colours. There’s topmount or undermount, alongside the classic farmhouse or butler sink we know and love. If you’re primarily using your sink to wash large pots and pans, a single basin is best, but if you favour smaller dishes and like to multitask between cooking, then check out double basin options. As for the materials, enamel butler sinks are perfect for traditional kitchens and stainless steel sinks are also having a moment, with good reason. Thanks to a rise in striking colours such as gun metal, copper and gold, stainless steel sinks are also relatively affordable and durable to boot. Composite sinks are a sleeper hit, made from quartz, granite or resin composite, and enjoyed in bold black and greys. For dark, edgy kitchens, you can’t do better than one of these bad boys.

When in doubt, paint it out

It’s true what they say about paint, it’s like a love story. If you want to fall back in love with your kitchen, you need to pay attention to your heart and pick colours accordingly. Whether it’s a touch up or a full-on colour change, it’s the perfect way to drag your kitchen out of the dated and into daring. Best of all, there’s no need to replace your cabinets, painting them is an easy way of changing the look and style while saving money. It’s a win-win in our cookbooks.

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