The best pillows for every sleeper, available in NZ

Are you searching for a better night’s sleep? Try a new pillow

Are you seeking a good night’s sleep? Look no further than upgrading your pillow. With countless options ranging from soft to firm, anti-allergy and even V-shaped pillows, it can be hard to tell if you’re sleeping with the best pillow, so we’ve compiled a guide to quality pillows that offer comfort and ergonomic support. 

Don’t spend another restless night searching for the perfect pillow. Find your ideal pillow by consulting our guide to the best pillows for a good night’s sleep.

The best pillows available in New Zealand 2024

1. Emma Foam Pillow

$160.00 at Emma Sleep

Best for: Sleepers who love that extra support while they sleep

This memory foam pillow features a 5-layer design, offering exceptional comfort and breathability throughout the night. Easily customise the height and firmness to create your perfect sleeping environment, and don’t forget to check out the other supportive pillows Emma Sleep has to offer.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic for multiple sleeping positions
  • Adjustable height and firmness
  • Exceptional comfort and breathability
  • Firm memory foam pillow
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified


2. White Down Pillow

 from $137.89 at Canadian Down & Feather Company

Best for: Light sleepers looking for a feather cloud to sleep on

If you desire a luxurious sleep experience, you’ll be delighted to hear that Canadian Down & Feather Company now offers free shipping to New Zealand.

Its pillows are made from premium materials, and the filling is encased in a high cotton thread count to prevent the inner from escaping. Even better, you can select your level of firmness and size for a tailored sleep experience.

We recommend the breathable White Down Pillow for that ‘sink into the sheets’ feeling. Front sleepers should select the soft version. Front and back sleepers should choose the medium or firm versions. Side sleepers should try the even firmer Hutterite Down Perfect Pillow (available here).

Types: Soft, medium, firm

Size: Standard, queen, king

Key features:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 260 thread count to prevent Down from escaping
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified


3. Ecosa pillow

$180 at Ecosa

Best for: Those looking for a restful, snore-free slumber

Ecosa’s ergonomically designed memory foam pillow provides exceptional support for your head and neck, regardless of your sleep position. With adjustable height pads, customise this pillow to your preferences for the perfect sleep, and add on a silk pillowcase for the ultimate beauty sleep.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height
  • Reduces snoring
  • Removable, washable cover for cleaning



4. Logan & Mason V-shaped Memory Foam pillow

$85 (usually $170), at Spotlight

Best for: Those looking for versatile comfort without the price tag

You can’t beat Spotlight for its extensive array of memory foam pillows available NZ-wide. This V-shaped pillow offers the ultimate cradling effect for your head, neck and spine, allowing your muscles to relax for a restful sleep.


5. Low and Soft Pillow

from $230 at Sheet Society

Best for: Eco-conscious sleepers looking for sustainable, as well as a supportive sleep

Sheet Society offers a variety of cosy pillows that enhance the quality of your sleep. This soft, fluffy pillow is filled with corn fibre, a breathable, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating alternative to polyester. It’s also available in a medium to firm style, a perfect choice if you’re looking for a plant-based substitute for a regular Down pillow. 

Key features:

  • 100% recycled Down and feather fill
  • 100% natural cotton outer
  • Lightweight and breathable fibres


6. Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

$139.99 at Sheridan Factory Outlet  

Best for: Hot sleepers looking for a cool night’s sleep

If you’re a hot sleeper, this pillow was made with you in mind. It provides temperature regulation and offers medium height and support, making it a versatile option for almost any sleep position.  


7. Classic Anti-Allergy Pillow

$69.95 at Freedom

Best for: Those who need extra protection from allergy-causing mites 

For comfort, hygiene and affordability, Freedom’s Anti-Allergy pillow is tailored for back sleepers or those who prefer a medium profile. Due to its anti-microbial treatment, the pillow is guarded against bacteria, mould, dust-mites, a perfect solution for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Key features:

  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Approved by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program
  • Natural cotton cover for breathability and freshness



8. Curved Side Sleeper Pillow

$78.63, at Amazon

Best for: The tossers and turners who require an adjustable, ergonomic pillow solution 

If you’ve been waking up with neck pain, this pillow could be your new holy grail. Its curved shape caters to the natural silhouette of your neck and shoulder, so it’s ideal for side sleepers. This product is a top pick if you’re after a supportive memory foam pillow.   

Key features:

  • Available in curved and L shapes
  • Temperature-regulating cooling foam
  • Height and firmness adjustable


What are the benefits of memory foam pillows? 

If you’re wondering which pillow material to choose, consider memory foam (check out Emma Sleep and Ecosa for their top-rated styles). This is because memory foam pillows are highly recommended for their superior support, comfort and durability.

In fact, some consider memory foam the best pillow material because it’s designed to conform to the shape of your head and neck, relieving tension and providing superior support and comfort. Memory foam pillows (and mattresses) can also keep your spine aligned while you sleep. They are more durable than other pillow types, making them a cost-effective investment for improved sleep quality and overall well-being. 


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