How local photographers Alex and Sony turn wanderlust into art

Get swept away by the dreamy, sun-kissed creative works of Alex and SonySony Nuth and her husband Alex Hall (below) are big fans of travelling and have amassed a huge archive of photographs from their many trips overseas and around Aotearoa

Every picture tells a story, and Auckland-based Alex Hall and Sony Nuth’s fine art photography embodies tales of sun-kissed summers and spirited adventures. Their vibrant prints eloquently capture scenes around the globe, from the glistening beauty of Lake Whakatipu to ethereal swimming spots in Milos, Greece. You might have seen their stunning prints on Instagram, or stocked on our online marketplace, Shop your Home and Garden.

“We’ve lived a pretty vivid life through our travels and these landscapes are a beautiful reminder of that,” says Alex. “It inspires us to do more of what we love – roaming, exploring and creating.”

Alex and Sony’s prints are so captivating, you’d be forgiven for thinking you could step into one of their dreamy scenes. But as all photographers know, there’s an art to capturing the right image at the right time.

“Creating an image we feel is good enough to share can sometimes take days. It can mean return trips to the same place because we’re not quite satisfied with what we’ve captured,” explains Alex. “And then some days, it’s instant. We know the shot we’ve just taken is really special because all the elements are in harmony. It’s the light, the subject or capturing that beautiful, serendipitous moment.”

Alex Hall of Alex and Sony

Tell us about your creative background. What drew you to fine art photography?

Sony: I fell in love with the art of photography from very early on, maybe seven or eight, when my dad brought home a “fancy” Pentax camera. I studied photography all through high school, and then majored in it at Whitecliffe College in Auckland. It was a form of self-expression for me and I love how connected to the world I was when I was shooting. Noticing the small details and those precious fleeting moments, finding beauty in the mundane, and being fully present. Photography is such a gift in so many ways.

Alex: Sony’s the main reason I was inspired to get into photography. Wherever we went, she often had her camera with her. It wasn’t long before I started assisting her on shoots, either as a second shooter or videographer. I naturally leaned into drone and surf photography because of my own interests. The perspective from the air is incredible. I love how a scene can completely transform with a bit of altitude.

How did the idea for Alex and Sony come about?

Alex: We’ve travelled a lot in the past 10 years, and over time have collected a wonderful archive of our travels with the intention of sharing it with the world in some way. Selling our work as prints was the most obvious, but we could never find the time to build that part of the business – until the pandemic. We couldn’t leave the country and most of our photography work was international. This was a blessing in disguise because we used that time to build our print shop.

Natural composition: This print is called Sun Kissed Roadie and was taken on one of the couple’s South Island road trips on State Highway 8, somewhere between Lake Takapō and Lake Pukaki View Point

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable trip or country you’ve visited, and why it resonated with you?

Alex: We have so many favourites for different reasons. Morocco was extra special because we connected so well with our clients who took us on a four-day excursion to the Sahara Desert (incredible), and we became good friends. Greece is special for the same reason. Our work trips with fashion designer Michele Corty from Rue de Seine are a yearly highlight for us. So, I guess, it’s the people first and foremost that make a trip memorable, then it’s the exploring, the unfamiliar, the newness, the differences but also the similarities of each country that we just love so much.

Sony with images taken in Santorini, Greece including Santorini Dream, available at Shop Your Home and Garden

Your prints often reference the ocean. What draws you to the water?

Alex: As Kiwis we love being near the ocean. Nature and the ocean are the ultimate muses for us. Whenever we’re by the sea, it nourishes us with clarity, stillness, reflection and creativity. And when you’re witnessing a sunrise or sunset across its horizon, the colours it creates are just magic.

What’s a popular Alex and Sony print (or personal favourite)?

Alex: There are so many popular ones, so it’s hard to narrow them down. Our personal favourite is Nazare Morning, which was captured in Portugal. We have this image in an extra-large format in our home. We love the painterly aesthetic of it, which adds to the palpable feeling of the image and also because Portugal was such a fun trip with two of our good friends.

Nazare Morning is one of the couple’s favourite photos and was taken at Praia do Norte beach in Nazare, Portugal.

When choosing a new art print, what should we consider, and how do we maintain a cohesive interior style?

Alex: Choose pieces that move you in some way. There’s so much amazing art out there, you’ll find pieces that fit with your aesthetic and also bring you a lot of joy. For a cohesive style, I tend to focus on a colour palette, but you can do the same if you have a particular theme. Once you have a clear vision, you can mix and match different art styles and still keep it cohesive.

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How did you two meet and where did you marry?

Alex: Although we have mutual friends, we surprisingly didn’t meet through them. We met on a Monday night at a bar and restaurant in Parnell. It turns out we were both very tired and reluctantly dragged out by friends and, as it happens, it was well worth it. We got married five years later at a cute little beach club on Nusa Lembongan, which is a short boat trip from Bali. It was a dream – a tropical holiday celebration with close friends and family.

A limited-edition Paihia print of the popular Bay of Islands holiday spot, available at Shop Your Home and Garden

What is it like working with your other half, and does it bring any challenges?

Alex: Separating work and personal life is the most challenging thing for us. Quality time away can turn into a photo opportunity so we purposely don’t unpack our camera gear. But it’s always close by. There’s not a lot to complain about when we’re both doing what we love and enjoying each other’s company.

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