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How to turn your TV into a work of art

Transform your TV into a work of art by building a frame for it

You will need

• 40mm x 20mm pine cut into 4 x 1.2m lengths
• Picture framing timber cut into 4 x 1.2m lengths
• 3mm drill bit
• Timber screws
• Drill
• Tape measure
• Small shelf brackets
• Hammer and pin nails
• Pine-coloured filler and stain or standard filler and black paint, if desired

1 Measure the size of your TV from outside edge to outside edge. You will want to add at least 5mm onto these measurements so that it’s not too tight and your remote sensor will still work.

2 Cut the 40mm x 20mm square timber to form a box. The inside measurements need to match the measures we took in step one.

3 Pre-drill and screw the timber together on each corner. Measure the box. You should measure from outside edge to outside edge — these are the long points of the picture frame.

4 Take the picture frame timber and cut it on a 45-degree angle, ensuring the long points of your 45-degree cut are the above measurements.

5 Nail the four pieces of picture frame timber onto the face of the box to make it look like a traditional picture frame.

6 Use a timber-coloured filler to fill the holes and stain it. Or, if you prefer, use standard filler and paint it black or any other desired colour. This would be easiest with spray paint.

7 Finally, fix some brackets on the top. I used small shelf brackets and put them on upside down. This is optional and a safety feature to ensure the frame doesn’t slip.

8 Slip the finished frame over the TV. You can find lots of still pictures to use on screen by using the app on your TV or from YouTube.

DIY by: Nikki Kettle. Photography by: Anna Briggs.

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