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These expert tips will help you design the perfect bedroom set up

Bedrooms should be cool, calm and collected – but with a twist that’s entirely your own. Not sure where to start? Follow our steps for a bedroom scheme you’ll love.

It’s the room we spend most of our time in, and it should feel tranquil, peaceful and private. Bedrooms are hugely important in terms of styling, and when it comes to bringing different trends into your room, it pays to start with the big items.

The first step

Your bed should always be the focal point of the room design. Pay attention to the materials of your bedhead and surrounding furniture, and select soft furnishings to complement the colour and texture of the hard items. Pick two or three coordinating colours, or different shades of one colour, to mix and match.

What’s your style?

Creating a mood board with your favourite colours, materials and patterns can be a great way to kickstart your makeover – remember soft colours will inspire calm, and brights will bring energy. Black-out curtains are also a must-have for the perfect bedroom and a great night’s sleep.

As a final step, inject your own personality into the design with wall art and trinkets – find a statement print for over the bed, and finish off the whole room with special little items such as candles for ambience (or romance), plants for homeliness and lamps for reading.

On-trend ideas

Blush pink has never been more on-trend – create a cosy sanctuary with warm reds and natural tones. Soothing pastel and white linens are anchored by a lush grey headboard and matching throw pillows. The look takes on a stylish and glamorous edge with the detailing of the Bogata bedroom set. Keep the theme going with your bedside table – a matching diffuser and candle set will keep your room wonderfully scented, and a striking angular lamp provides another focal point for the eye.

Indoor plants, of course, are essential for your nature-inspired haven! Dot them around the room – go for artificial foliage for easy maintenance. Tie everything together with a print that showcases one of your signature colours for a cool and coordinated paradise.

How to layer pillows

Stick to the three-layered rule. Start with two sets of standard pillows, one that matches your sheets, the other to complement your duvet. Follow with throw cushions! Either opt for a structured, three-cushion set, or go for an effortless, carefree jumble. Throw cushions are great as you can change them when new trends emerge.

Bedroom trend tips with The Warehouse Creative Director Jade Turner

Small change, big difference

The right colour in the bedroom can really make a difference and bedlinen is an inexpensive way to make a big change. Soft hues like sage and white create a calming space, while mixing and matching bold prints and patterns can really make your bedroom pop, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. These can easily be swapped out depending on new colours and trends.

Maximise your space

You don’t have to break the bank to do this ­— pick furniture and décor pieces that make the bedroom feel more airy and open. Bedside tables and lamps on either side of the bed create great balance. Use a large floor mirror against the wall to bounce light around and if you’re light on storage, remember to use the space under the bed.

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