19 occasional chairs that make a style statement

Article by Your Home and Garden by Mae MacDonald

Elevate your furnishings with a sophisticated armchair that doubles as a style statement 

Photographer: Kristina Soljo

A bit fancier than your everyday armchair, occasional chairs offer style and support for whoever comes calling by. Luxe fabrics like boucle or maximalist velvet are a nice touch, with attention to detail on the legs or added swivel features.   

With so many stylish seats to choose from, here are our favourite occasional armchairs for sale in NZ, whether you’re after a luxurious statement piece or a cheerful and cheap armchair.  

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What is an occasional armchair?    

As implied in the name, an occasional chair is just that. An accent chair that can be utilised when you have visitors over or for kicking your shoes off and curling up with a book or a TV show. Place your lounge chair in the living room, bedroom, or even an inviting alcove or nook.   

The options for your occasional chair are endless: it can range from a swivel armchair to a leather lounger to a ghost chair.   

Do occasional chairs need to match the room’s interiors?   

Your occasional chair doesn’t need to match its surroundings. To make a design statement with your armchair, choose a contrasting colour or unique silhouette so it stands out as a feature.   

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