How Tamzyn Adding is infusing Kiwi homes with bold, unapologetic colour

Meet the creative mastermind behind the iconic Miss Lolo wallpaper

Tamzyn Adding of Miss Lolo Wallpaper NZ

Tamzyn Adding

Tamzyn Adding is best known for her vibrant, bold designs, proudly featured in homes across New Zealand and Australia. Through her interior furnishings company, Miss Lolo, Tamzyn brings wallpaper and upholstery fabrics to life, offering a refreshing departure from the prevalent sea of white walls that have become all too familiar. 

A former celebrity stylist with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, Tamzyn possesses the Midas touch required to transform living spaces. She defies conventional design boundaries, drawing inspiration from her everyday encounters, whether it be a book cover, stage set, or a snippet seen on television. Transcending seasonal trends, her iconic prints resonate deeply with her loyal clientele — from the richly-hued botanical Heavenly Hydrangea print (a popular wallpaper choice among Kiwis) to the lively Chasing Rainbows print.  

Miss Lolo Wallpaper NZ

From left: Miss Lolo Heavenly Hydrangea wallpaper, Miss Lolo Chasing Rainbows vinyl wallpaper, both from shop.yourhomeandgarden.co.nz

Tamzyn explains that her discerning customers aspire to have homes that reflect their unique personalities, primarily as an increasing number of individuals now work from home or are prioritising investing in spaces they genuinely love. Tamzyn suggests adding Miss Lolo wallpaper to hallways or powder rooms for those hesitant to embrace colour, instantly transforming these areas into visual focal points that leave a lasting impression on both residents and guests.  

While Tamzyn intially started out by upcycling furniture, her attention has shifted toward her remarkable Miss Lolo wallpaper line. The range includes waterproof vinyl wallpaper, ideal for bathrooms, laundries, powder rooms and outdoor spaces. 

Miss Lolo Wallpaper

Miss Lolo Heron’s Landing peel + stick wallpaper from shop.yourhomeandgarden.co.nz

In response to customer demand, Miss Lolo also offers an innovative ‘peel + stick’ removable wallpaper, a hassle-free solution for a growing child’s room or renters looking to personalise their homes. Each panel is thoughtfully printed with a 1cm overlap, ensuring effortless pattern matching. Of course, while it is the perfect solution for individuals who shy away from DIY projects, one can also contract a professional wallpaper hanger to ensure a flawless finish.  

Miss Lolo’s creative prowess extends beyond wallpapers to a stunning array of upholstery fabrics in luxurious velvet and durable canvas. Ideal for everything from cushions and armchairs to couches and bed heads, these materials allow you to unleash your unique style in all corners of your home.  

Miss Lolo Upholstery Fabric NZ

From left: Miss Lolo Tickled Pink upholstery fabric, Miss Lolo Face First upholstery fabric, both from shop.yourhomeandgarden.co.nz

But it doesn’t end there. Tamzyn’s artistic flair can be witnessed in various commercial fit-outs across Australasia, including the jazzy new LyLo capsule accommodation in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. And now, Miss Lolo has joined our virtual marketplace, Shop Your Home and Garden, a natural fit given the magazine’s penchant for colour and Tamzyn’s dynamic approach.  

Explore the captivating array of Miss Lolo wallpaper and upholstery fabric at shop.yourhomeandgarden.co.nz and unleash the full potential of your living spaces.  

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