Gift guide for homeware fans

From the animal-lover to the person who has everything, this gift guide has your Christmas shopping all wrapped up


The Botanist

Clockwise from bottom left: Evie Kemp monstera print, $49, from Shut The Front Door. Buxus ball, $14.95, from The Foxes Den. Brass herb markers, $9 each, from Junk & Disorderly. Potted cactus, $19, from Bioattic. Silver garden pins, $9 each, from Junk & Disorderly. Monstera tealight candle holder, $15, from Superette. Ecoya Christmas candle in Fresh Pine Needles, $49.95, from Ecoya. Gardening fork and trowel, $20 each, from The Garden Party. Garden kneeler, $27, from Father Rabbit. Dibber, $19, and sticky beak, $10, from The Garden Party. Adante undated diary, $39.50, from Tessuti. Potted cactus, $26, from Bioattic. Oak twine holder, $69, from Father Rabbit. Plant mist sprayer, $49, from The Foxes Den. Aesop hydrating body balm, $47, from Simon James Concept Store. Seed packets, $6 each, from Bread and Butter Letter. Slate garden labels, $34, from Father Rabbit. Eye mask, $29, from Bread and Butter Letter. Studio Sue notebook, two for $25, from Crave Home. Pineapple napkins, set of six $98, from Tessuti. Potted cactus, $26, from Bioattic. Lotus stone tealight holder, $24.90, from Indie Home Collective.


The Boho

Clockwise from top left: Hurricane tealight holder, $39.90, and Near & Far book, $45, both Indie Home Collective. Seagrass basket, $16, from Indie Home Collective. Only Good body wash, $8.99, from New World. Feather drop garland, $45, from Crave Home. Indian copper lassi cup, $69, Indie Home Collective. The Great Gatsby book, $32.50, from Tessuti. Bamboo tea strainer, $69, from Everyday Needs. Lotus bowl, $99.90, and Indian brass bell, $22.90, both Indie Home Collective. MOR marshmallow perfume oil, part of set $34.99, from MOR. Tailor’s scissors, $49.90, from Indie Home Collective. Rice straw brush, $20, from Everyday Needs. Wiki Skincare mineral soak, $35, from Let Liv. Rajasthani brass lock and key, $69, and shell garland, $59.90, both Indie Home Collective. Gold dots notebook, $22.95, from That Little Shop. Salt dish (spoon not shown), $22, from Let Liv. L’Oréal Colour Riche Le Vernis nail polish in beige boheme, $9.99, from L’Oréal. Ashley & Co Parakeets & Pearls mini bar, $9, from Superette. Brass plate, $43.90, from Tessuti. Marble nesting plate, $29, from Superette. Cross necklace, $39.90, from Indie Home Collective. Grown Alchemist Persian rose handcream, $35, from Superette. No 7 lavender soy candle, $29, from Let Liv. Nkuku glass and brass box, $79.95, from Father Rabbit. Linda Kingi triple bracelets, $59.90, from Crave Home.


The animal lover

Clockwise from top left: Cat cushion, $99, from Superette. Hedgehog brush, $29, from Paper Plane. Elephant watering can, $14.99, from Shut The Front Door. Lion toy, $54.90, from Corso de Fiori. Ceramic giraffe ring holder, $29.90, horse ring (on giraffe), $34.90, and dress-up fox activity book, $12.90, all from Iko Iko. Wooden duck, $95, from Bob & Friends. Bones Society dog bandana, $23, from Ses and Jen. Cat bowl, $34.90, from Iko Iko. Bunny night light, $8, from The Warehouse. Circo dog cushion, $89, from Tessuti. Zombie doll, $55, from Junk & Disorderly. Cat print, $19, from Green with Envy. Toucan shears, $28, from The Garden Party. Magnetic sheep, $29, from Bread and Butter Letter. Cat plate, $19.90, and rhino bottle pourer, $16.90, both from Iko Iko. Jam Jam piglet pouch, $46, from Tea Pea. Donna Wilson Mog egg cup, $28, Donna Wilson Creatures Bill Fox, $60, both from Bob & Friends. Wellington Chocolate Factory salted brittle caramel, $13.50, from Iko Iko. OMM animal nesting dolls, $42.90, from Iko Iko. Elephant door stop, $29, from Junk & Disorderly.


The person who has everything

Clockwise from top left: Knitting needles, $99, and yarn, $99, from Plump & Co. Monmouth blue glass, $55, from Tessuti. Blue Q soap (in pink box), $6.90, from Iko Iko. Storm & India tea timer, $30, from Tessuti. Plump & Co woollen key ring, $24.99, from Father Rabbit. Grafa copper fork, $85, from Everyday Needs. Bebe faceted bowl by Rachel Carley, $57.50, from Tessuti. Licorice soaps, $5 each, from The Garden Party. Ayamé socks, $44, from Douglas and Bec. Muskhane mushroom, $12, from Good as Gold. Sans Ceuticals balancing hair wash, $36, from Good as Gold. Royal cocktail coaster set, $33, and Missoni hand towel, $49, both from Tessuti. Lemon squeezer, $24, from The Garden Party. Kaleido tray by HAY, $81, from Simon James Concept Store. Chopsticks, $6, from Mekka. Storm & India mountain cloud tea, $55, from Tessuti. Ostrich feather duster, $85, from Father Rabbit. Georgia Jay Bebe crescent-moon purse, $95, from Tessuti. Paige Jarman bowl, $26, from Mekka. Blue Q soap, $6.90, from Iko Iko. Copper and leather scissors, $46.90, from Indie Home Collective. Two Birds of a Feather lychee-flower hand and body lotion, set $54.99, from MOR.



The Foodie

Clockwise from bottom left: Pot holder, $18, from Let Liv. Enamel spoon, $7, from Paper Plane Store. Kyo tong, $44.90, and tapas bread plate, $14.90, both from Country Road. La Chamba dipping bowl, $8.95, from Indie Home Collective. Origami salt and pepper shakers, $15 each, from Flux Boutique. Tall grinder, $79.90 each, from Country Road. Copper-plated dish rack, $69, from Let Liv. Feather tea towel, $13.90, from That Little Shop. Vetyver bergamot handcream by Ingrid Starnes, $49, from Tessuti. Fog Linen iron pan, $47, from Father Rabbit. Copper s-hooks, $12 each, from Paper Plane Store. Aromatherapy Company kitchen spray, $16.99, from department and gift stores. Plump & Co wool basket, $89, from Shut The Front Door. The Aromatherapy Company soap and brush, $15.99, from department and gift stores. Marou chocolate, $14.50, from Bob & Friends. Small marble bowl, $49, from Superette. Essie nail lacquer in white, $22.99, from Essie. Canister, $21.90, from Country Road. Measuring spoon, $46, and pasta measurer, $48, from Douglas and Bec. Board, $75, and tea towel, $24.90, both from Indie Home Collective. HAY rolling pin, $39, from Simon James Concept Store.

Styling by: Sam Smith and Catherine Wilkinson
Photos by: Melanie Jenkins

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