The best Dutch ovens for every home chef

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These best Dutch ovens will take pride of place on any hobClockwise from top left: Paris Hilton Enameled Cast Iron Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven, $98.24, at Amazon; Enamel Dutch Oven, $166.49, at NZSale; Rare Vintage Wagner Ware Magnalite Dutch Oven, $147.39, at Etsy; Velaze Enameled Oval Dutch Pot, $251.07, at Amazon.

The colder months are here and we’re really feeling it! So to remedy our frozen bones, we’re turning to our Dutch ovens to help us prepare the best comfort food possible.

Prepare a cosy serving of one of your go-to comfort foods – we’re currently obsessed with this slow cooked pulled beef brisket – in your favourite Dutch oven and display it on the dining table with your best salad bowl and the perfect home fragrance for the most soothing dinner winter has to offer.

If you don’t already have one of these handy pieces of cookware pulled out from the cupboard or are in the market to fill that gap in your kitchenware collection, be prepared to make your most revolutionary purchase of the season.

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Should I get an enamel or cast iron Dutch oven?

This decision is entirely up to your preference. If you prefer a lower maintenance and more rustic option, you may be more suited to a cast iron Dutch oven. But if you like to have a non-stick surface and a sleeker finish, definitely opt for an enamel Dutch oven.

Also, consider what you plan to cook in your Dutch oven. The two finishes both distribute heat well, but acidic ingredients have a high risk of causing corrosion on a cast iron surface, so these are best avoided entirely if you choose this material.

There are various aspects of this decision to weigh up. Follow your gut and start planning your next dinner party to show off your new Dutch oven.

What is the best-rated Dutch oven?

The Le Creuset Dutch ovens are considered to be the best quality, as they last decades with minimal complaints – hence their more expensive price point. However, we also absolutely love the brightly coloured Biroix Cast Iron ones.

Our idea of the best may not match yours, so go forth and explore the world of Dutch cookware for yourself. We’d love to know what your final verdict is!

Words: Mae MacDonald

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