Functional storage is given a heritage feel in this kitchen redesign

Thanks to a bespoke solution, this kitchen redesign was able to create a clever, functional space with ample storage and a heritage feel


Functional storage is given a heritage feel in this kitchen redesign

This modern home is located on a small lifestyle block, surrounded by nature. Drawing inspiration from the Colonial era for the interior, the clients had a clear idea of what they wanted.

From the high level of detail, classical colour scheme and the selection of fittings, this timeless home successfully showcases every detail while ensuring each room is cohesive through colour, product and detail.

Designing the perfect fit

The kitchen highlights functionality. A large island and spans of benchtop ensure multiple people can utilise the space at one time, and vast amounts of storage is hidden by framed doors.

TANDEMBOX drawers in silk white from Blum and the lacquered cabinetry allow for easy care and marries the colour scheme. Austrian-made Blum hardware products were used throughout the home, harmonious with the custom cabinetry designed to store items of every shape and size.


Personal style

Designer Shannon Pepper is an established interior designer who strives to reflect the individuality of her clients. As a company, Shannon Pepper Design is flexible on style and design in order to capture what clients want. Visit

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