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Inside a stylish renovation with an inspiring collection of indoor plants

A decade of dedication and renovation has resulted in a stylish family home filled with an incredible collection of indoor plants. See more below

Meet + greet

Aimee Fleur Young, 40 (manager at a legal practice and blogger at @justcallmeplantlady), Reece Young, 39 (operations manager at Triumph & Disaster), Heidi, 10, and Saskia, 7, plus black Labrador Diesel and guinea pig Rosie.

Best lesson learned? 

“It’s worth shopping around and getting two or three quotes as there can be a lot of variation, especially on higher-cost jobs involving kitchens and bathrooms. Also, keep an eye on the smaller bills as these can add up very quickly.”

Aimee’s indoor plant tips

Aimee is from a family of gardeners – her late grandmother, mother and aunty always had indoor plants and impressive gardens. “I guess it was always going to be an interest of mine,” she laughs. “I love the life that indoor plants inject into the home and I also love taking the time to care for them.”

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Aimee’s advice for ailing house plants is to cut them right back and change up the way you care for them before deciding whether or not to throw them out. “I have managed to save a few plants this way and they have come back stronger than before,” she says.

“Know what your house plants like in terms of light, water and humidity, and then stick with what works – even if that means owning a lot of the same species of plant!”

Total spend

Approx $135K-$150K

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Words by: Debbie Harrison. Photography by: Vanessa Lewis.

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