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Ocean views and tropical hues feature in this 1970s home

This 1970s home with views of the ocean holds onto its heritage while embracing a wave of tropical hues

At a glance

Who lives here? Richard Zajkowski (IT consultant), Steph Zajkowski (TV and website creative producer), Sofia, 18, Beatrice, 15, and Poppy the dog.

Steph, how did you find the experience of working with interior designers? It was fabulous. They came up with our colour scheme, furniture recommendations and a furniture placement scheme for the living room – I sent them a floor plan and they played with the placement of my existing items plus added new ones. What is it that appeals most to you about mid-century design? We both love the colours of that era – teal, grey, blue and mustard – combined with wood.

Style secrets

– Timber furniture from the middle decades of the last century was often made using teak or walnut. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, the darker hues can overwhelm a room. As an alternative, look for furniture from the era that uses metal. Polished chrome and wire detailing will reflect light, giving the appearance of more space.

– Breathe life into a room by bringing the outdoors in. More than just a trend, indoor plants add colour, freshness and liven up living spaces.

– Mid-century style has had a resurgence, however if your budget doesn’t allow for an original piece of furniture, try a reproduction – they help achieve the style you’re after while being kinder on the purse strings.

Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Emma MacDonald.

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