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An enchanting Christmas in the Swedish countryside

Designer and calligrapher Ylva Skarp and her family decamped to the Swedish countryside to renovate a boarded-up former school built in 1901 and the results are simply spectacular

Festive tricks

Take advantage of what nature has to offer. Gather family and friends for an evening of festive foraging. Sprigs, pine cones and twigs can easily be transformed into Christmas decorations or grouped to create simple and beautiful displays.

Light up your home with candlelight and fairy lights. Subtle lighting will create Christmas atmosphere throughout your home. Try tall white candles for an elegant look, or tealights for gentle mood. String fairy lights in unexpected places for a little Christmas magic.

Create your own Christmas cards and wrap. This can be a fun family project and adds a personal touch to your gifts.

Words by: Helen Skarp
Photography by: Magdalena Bjornsdotter

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