Back to the land: Coatesville living

Although Dee and James were both once city slickers their last three properties have been in the country. They bought their Coatesville house five years ago to be closer to James’ business and couldn’t be happier.


Who lives here?

  • Deidre Bailey (GM sales for NZME radio)
  • James Bailey (director of hospitality at Click)
  • Harry, 8
  • Max the German Shepherd
  • Heff the West Highland terrier
  • Dodie the Burmese
  • Lizzie the 29-year-old pony
  • Several sheep, chickens and ducks.

Deidre, what do you love most about living in Coatesville?

We know all our neighbours, which doesn’t happen very often in the city. At Christmas we hold a village green street party and put on a barbecue for everyone.

What’s your latest project in the garden?

We have just put an orchard in between the creek and the house. We’ve planted peaches, pears and avocado. Frosts weren’t a problem for the avocado trees but they were hit by possums unfortunately. The best possum deterrents I have found are our dogs.


Words by: Carol Bucknell. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins

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