Five reasons why you should consider Paerata Rise for your new home purchase

The Kiwi dream to own your home is alive and well, but in an increasingly difficult housing market finding your perfect new build home can be tough.  Here are five reasons why Paerata Rise might tick all the boxes for your new home purchase.

Finding a property that checks off all the boxes and is in the right location is tricky to do, especially in bigger cities like Auckland, this is where Paerata Rise has the perfect solution.

The blend of a semi-rural lifestyle with all the benefits and amenities of modern urban living make this new development, just 40 minutes outside Central Auckland, an exciting place to consider building your first home.

These five reasons might convince you that Paerata Rise is the perfect place to build your first home, and you just might find yourself never wanting to leave.

The perfect urban rural location

The Paerata Rise township is located between Karaka and Pukekohe and blends Franklin’s semi-rural landscape with modern town planning to create a community that is only a 40-minute drive from Central Auckland. With properties that have generous sections residents can leave behind small city properties for space and privacy while still staying connected.

You’ll find a home that suits your life

Paerata Rise has partnered with 14 different build partners that offer unique designs that mean that Paerata Rise is not a cookie-cutter development. Each different builder offers a different architectural style and unique designs ranging from home executive style living to  open plan family homes.

With freestanding homes, two-story homes and duplexes all being offered in Paerata Rise, any perspective buyer is sure to find a home solution that suits their needs and their budgets.

The strict architectural guidelines of the community ensures a diverse selection of design solutions and homes that are built to last, while also contributing to the forwards-thinking urban design of the development.

Everything you need is right on your fingertips

Paerata Rise offers a range of amenities that cater to the varying lifestyles of its residents. With increased urban growth a railway station and commuter hub has been confirmed to increase transport choices in the area. Education is an important part of the design of Paerata Rise and both primary schools and secondary schools have been confirmed in the township, and the younger kids have been considered as well, with an Early Learning Centre on site as well. Paerata Rise will also be home to a lively mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants for convenient choices for residents.

Space to enjoy recreational activities

Paerata Rise’s commitment to developing 5 hectares of the development into green spaces, inclusive of walkways and cycleways means residents don’t need to leave or travel to enjoy recreational activities. An all-abilities playground is already open and there will be more large-scale community parks and smaller pocket parks. Paerata Rise is located in such a position where residents have easy access to a wide range of recreation amenities that already exist including a golf course, tennis courts, rugby fields, and indoor sports facilities.

Community always close by

Paerata Rise’s focus on creating a community has resulted in a carefully planned township with head uniquely designed home situated near the shared community spaces so someone is always close by if you need them.

Ticking a few boxes in your search for a new build?  Head to Paerata Rise for more details about the township and to view their house and land packages.

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