How to organise your bathroom like a pro using clever storage

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Organise the chaos in your bathroom today with these five simple storage ideas. Both stylish and effective, these storage tips from Mico Bathrooms will transform your space

How to organise your bathroom like a pro using clever storage

Bathrooms are often imagined as restful sanctuaries where we can wash away the stress of the day. The reality is that they’re hardworking spaces steeped in clutter and chaos. Whether you’re dealing with active kids, busy partners or messy flatmates, bringing order and harmony to your home is easy when you’ve got your storage sorted. From quick fixes to long term solutions we round up a range of options to help you.

1. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a quick and easy solution to bathroom storage. Place on an underutilised wall, like the space above the toilet, to really maximise the room you have. To keep your floating shelves looking clutter-free, it’s best to keep things that can be displayed in an orderly way. Toilet rolls and folded towels are the perfect items to be placed here. Use wicker storage baskets and little jars to keep smaller items together and tidy. For a decorative look, add candles or a cascading plant.

2. Vanities

The trend for floating basins is on the rise as we try to create the illusion of extra space in our bathrooms. While this may make you feel like you have a larger room this trend doesn’t bode well if you want to keep it organised. Many vanities are now designed with a space-saving aesthetic in mind along with functionality for storage. Mico Bathrooms, New Zealand’s leading bathroom supplier, has a wide range of wall hung and floor standing vanities with different storage configurations to suit your needs. Vanities that include drawers with inbuilt storage organisers for your makeup and toiletry products are a clever option as they encourage you to be tidy from the outset.

3. Towel rails and hooks

They may seem like basic bathroom items but, if placed correctly, towel rails and hooks are a quick solution to a messy bathroom. From round and wooden to sleek and stainless the options are endless for hooks to suit your bathroom style. Cluster together on the wall for you to hang your clothes or towel and try waterproof 3M hooks in the shower for your loofah and flannel.

Fix your towel rail close to your shower door so it’s in easy reach and it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to hang it back there. Use a heated rail as an incentive for people to hang their towels up so they’re nice and toasty for their next use. Make sure that you check with your electrician that your heated rail is placed in the electrical safety zone, so it can be NZ Certification approved.

4. Cabinetry

Keep your toiletries off the sink and the edge of the bath with a storage cabinet. Wall-hung, recessed or inbuilt, you can get really specific with your cabinetry requirements. Think about the items you use often and consider how you can access and store them the easiest. Do you need a cabinet that includes drawers, wide shelves or organised compartments? How will your items fit? There’s no point having a cabinet with lots of shelves if you can’t fit your medicine or hairspray in them.

Recessed cabinets, although harder to install, are the best way to create seamless storage in your bathroom. If you’re worried about space, Mico have a range of cabinets with a shallow depth for smaller wall cavities. Upgrading your mirror to a mirrored cabinet is also a great way to maximise storage. You’ll have all your high-use items in close reach and it will encourage people to keep the area around the basin clear.

5. Shower caddy

Having an adequate storage solution in your shower is great for maintaining a well organised and, more importantly, hygienic space. If you’re unable to get one fixed to the wall try an over-the-door and suction cup shower caddy, which come in a range of colours and finishes.  Before you go out and buy one, double check where you would place it and make sure it won’t obstruct your shower door.

Think about the height and weight of your shower gel and shampoo and conditioner. Will they be able to comfortably fit into the caddy? If it’s a struggle to get them in and out of the caddy you won’t use it and they’ll end up on the floor. If you use a loofah, hair brush or face cloth in the shower it’s a good idea to choose a caddy with hooks.

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