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How to do a seasonal wardrobe clean out

Article by Homes to Love

Do you open your wardrobe doors to a chaotic mess? It’s time to make a change


Are you often struggling through piles of clothes to find your favourite dress or the mate to your shoe?  You may have reached a point where you don’t wear most of the items in your wardrobe but hold onto them anyway. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a clear out. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards and it will allow you to plan what you need for the upcoming season. Think of it as a fresh start.

How to do a seasonal wardrobe cleanout

– Allow yourself a clear surface, such as your bed. Empty the entire contents of your wardrobe, including clothing, shoes and bags and lay them on the bed or floor.

– Ensure you have a decent-sized mirror nearby where you can try on items and see if they still fit or suit you. You’ll also need a big plastic bag where you can place items to be recycled or thrown away.

– Pick up your first item. Does it bring a smile to your face or does it fill you with dread? If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like how it makes you feel, then throw it out. If something hasn’t been worn in the past year, its likely that you may not ever wear it. Unless it is occasionwear, which you’re waiting for the right moment to wear.

– If you’re heading into summer, pack up your knitwear, warm trousers and boots, and pack them away in storage until next winter. Keeping them in your drawers throughout summer will only take up much-needed space. Buy some large plastic boxes and label the contents. Do the same with your summer clothes when winter arrives.

– Next onto your shoes and handbags. Are they looking battered and out of date? Is it time to buy alternatives that are timeless and of good quality in their places? For the bags you do keep, store them inside each other, one bag inside one larger bag. Either place the shoes you are keeping onto a shoe rack, or directly onto wardrobe shelves. Or store them in their original boxes and stack them neatly inside the wardrobe. Store multiple pairs of sandals or thin shoes in one box.

– As with clothes, store away out-of-season shoes and scarves that you want to keep until you need them next.

– With your recycle bag full of unwanted clothes, shoes and bags ready to donate to charity, you can now work out if you need to replace anything. Try and go for items that will last and not date quickly. Ensure they are choices that fit you well and flatter you, and ultimately, that you love to wear.

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