The Block NZ winners Amy and Stu’s final chat with Shelley

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The Block NZ co-host Shelley Ferguson catches up with The Block NZ 2018 winners Amy and Stu

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The Block NZ winners Amy and Stu’s final chat with Shelley

They were the favourites throughout the season and they proved it once again when, last night, ‘Gizzy Hard’, Amy and Stu, not only took out The Block NZ 2018, winning a total of $169,500 but also their very own Suzuki S-Cross Prestige for winning the People’s Choice Award.

Their sunny corner house on Hobsonville point sold for $1,009,500, the only house on The Block to reach the million dollar mark. Amy said the realisation that they’d won hadn’t entirely set in until this morning and the first thing on their minds was “where are we going to take the kids on holiday?”

The couple are looking forward to going home and being with their family and friends again. “I can’t wait to sit down and do nothing,” said Amy, “I’m really looking forward to reading a good book.”

“Not me,” said Stu, “I’ll be getting straight back to work.” But for design guru Amy, there’s no rush to return to the beauty salon. “I’d like to see what I can do in interiors,” she said.

Amy and Stu made Block history this year, scoring a perfect 20 and an even higher perfect 21 in their seven room reveal wins.

Final auction results:

Claire & Agni: house one – $30,000 (sold for $950,000)

Ben & Tom: house two – $57,000 (sold for $987,000)

Chlo & Em: house three – $11,500 (sold for $921,500)

Amy & Stu: house four – $69,500 (sold for $1,009,500)

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Amy and Stu

Favourites from week one, Amy and Stu started the competition with a hiss and a roar and only gained momentum throughout the 12 weeks. The judges couldn’t fault their style and finishing, resulting in seven room wins and an average score of 17.5.

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Ben and Tom

Last minute favourites Ben and Tom played the long game this season on The Block NZ. Their architectural, executive home only managing to impress the judges in the final weeks when it eventually all came together. They finished their time on The Block with two room reveal wins under their belt, the highest number of challenge wins and $57,000 from auction night, coming in second to Amy and Stu.

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Claire and Agni

The colour-loving Hamilton duo had a mixed bag of scores this season on The Block NZ; receiving the lowest total score of 4.5 for their family bathroom in week two but then bouncing back and winning two room reveals in the following weeks. They were second in the auction order, decided by Ben and Tom, and won a total of $30,000 when their house sold for $950,000.

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Chlo and Em

They were the queens of second place this season on The Block, with a total of six second-place finishes at room reveal time. But come auction night buyers didn’t seem to want to bid on team purple’s Moroccan themed home. Last to auction their house off, Chlo and Em came away with a total of $11,500, when their house sold for $921,500 (their reserve of $910,000 the lowest of the four houses).

Words by: Bea Taylor. Video by: Melissa Tapper

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