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Inside The Block NZ Lisa and Ribz’ colourful Wellington home

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Their apartment on The Block NZ has a “boutique hotel vibe” but Lisa and Ribz say their Wellington home has a very different feel. Take a peek through the photos below

Lisa and Ribz Wellington home

Describing their Wellington home, Lisa and Ribz both break into peals of laughter. “It’s very homely,” says Lisa. “We have these hideous La-Z-Boy couches that Chrissy [Ribz] chose. They’re so ugly – Jason Bonham would die if he were to come to our house. He’d say, ‘This is disgusting,’ and I would agree with him there!”

Lisa and Ribz Wellington home

“They’re comfortable, though,” Ribz retorts, smiling.

Despite the difference between their own home and their Kingsland reno for The Block, the pair are confident in their direction. Taking inspiration from the bustling Auckland suburb, they believe their “sleek” design has what it takes.

Lisa and Ribz Wellington home

“Doing a kid’s bedroom and being told to use hideous wallpaper was not a part of our design,” tells Lisa.”Listening to the judges is actually not good for you because you’re going to end up with a house that’s so mismatching. That’s what happened last year – everyone had rooms that were so disjointed that nothing came together. We have a clear idea of what we want to do and we’ll stick to that.”

Lisa and Ribz Wellington home

The confident couple are already planning how they’ll spend any money they earn if they win. Lisa would love a breast reduction, but it’s low on the priority list – first up is a family trip to Disneyland.

Lisa and Ribz Wellington home

“The kids would like to go – isn’t that every child’s dream?” exclaims Lisa. “It would be really cool.”

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