Shop The Block NZ laundry and re-do room looks

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There was desert chic, warm Moroccan and four standout laundries. Here’s how to shop the looks from The Block NZ laundry and re-do room week

Shop The Block NZ laundry and re-do room looks

This week The Block NZ interiors were completed, and thanks to some helpful family members they got a good clean too.

Amy and Stu continued to take inspo from their team colour and produced a re-do guest bedroom in their signature sunny hue. Their laundry took a break from tradition and featured shades of pink.

Ben and Tom’s laundry was “functional, practical and inoffensive,” said the judges. They thought the re-do of the landing ticked all the boxes with its beige textured wallpaper, colourful graphic prints and white-washed ply.

Claire and Agni took a leaf out of Amy and Stu’s decorating book this week and chose to paint their re-do kids bedroom a light buttery shade. The calming tropics feature wallpaper was a win in judge Kristina Rapley’s eyes and their avocado laundry impressed both judges, although the gift of the lime green towels did not. “I wouldn’t even use them on my dog,” said Jason Bonham.

Chlo and Em were determined to improve, and they didn’t let themselves down. Rapley and Bonham thought their landing transformation was inspired, and their laundry a “practical and beautiful” space.

How to reorganise your laundry to be a more functional space

  • Group like times in the same drawers or on the same shelves, and high use items in an easy-to-reach spot.
  • Use crates for storage to contain items and stop spillages.
  • Re-use glass jars to store washing powder, pegs, miscellaneous items and lost socks.
  • Go vertical – this often unused space is perfect for a drying rack or hanging rod to dry your clothes.
  • Create a washing basket system. You’ll need two to three baskets: for whites, coloured and hand washing.

Scroll to get a closer look at each space and watch the judges’ comments.


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