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Celebrated lifestyle writer Eleanor Ozich reveals how to be happy at home

Known for her wholesome cooking and relatable tips on how to simplify life, Eleanor Ozich reveals what she does to be happier, healthier and more mindful at home

Tell us about you. How did you get into cooking, writing and photography?

I grew up living above my parents’ restaurant, so I’ve always loved food. However, it wasn’t until I became a mother that my true passion for cooking began. I can remember the exact moment in which I felt inspired to cook simple, healthier meals for my family. I was in my early twenties, watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking series Jamie at Home, which I had borrowed from the library, and was absolutely captivated by his rustic, vibrant and relaxed style of cooking.

I felt suddenly compelled to find more joy and creativity in my own kitchen. During this time, I started sharing the recipes I was creating on my blog ‘Petite Kitchen’, which was aptly named after the teeny tiny kitchen in our art deco apartment. Since then, it’s evolved to include ideas for living a more healthy, vibrant lifestyle, including homemade methods for cleaning and beauty products, and tips on how to simplify your life in many different aspects.

Why is food so important to you?

Simply the fact that when I pour love and care into the food I make, it tastes so much nicer than what you can buy elsewhere! The process of cooking for my family is also something that helps me to slow down, and appreciate the ritual. The gentle drum of a knife, slicing a beetroot on an old wooden board, hot oil sizzling and shimmering with fragrant herbs, onion and a little garlic. It’s these simple, beautiful moments that can easily be lost, but are certainly not ordinary!

What does a well home look or feel like for you and your family?

A well home in my family is when there’s plenty of laughter and a sense of simplicity to our days. Even just the word ‘simplicity’ seems to bring an immediate sense of calm! As a mother of three, this delights me.

Why do you think people are increasingly interested in applying wellness principles to their home lives?

We live in a time that feels hurried and full of distractions and, I believe more than ever, we are craving simple, beautiful rituals to bring us back down to earth. When we take the time to slow down, and honour our own health and wellbeing, only then can we feel content and appreciative of our surroundings and loved ones.

What are your favourite home rituals?

The simple task of preparing and enjoying a steaming mug of tea, particularly when it’s rooibos with a splash of almond milk, and a spoonful of honey. I also love a long, hot soak in the bath, infused with Epsom salts and essential oils. And when I’m cooking? I love to pop on a Spotify playlist. Whether it be soothing, enlivening or uplifting, I simply love how music elevates my mood and enhances our home. | @eleanorozich

Words by: Eleanor Ozich. Photography by: Eleanor Ozich and Jonny Scott.

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