Small-space gardens: Hanging garden

No garden? No problem. Use Carol Bucknell’s ideas for indoor plants

Small indoor gardens

Small-space gardens: Hanging garden

Use several pots containing the same species, such as these maiden hair ferns, to create a focal point with wow factor. Ensure there’s a ceiling stud from which to hang several pots; materials, such as the terracotta pots, are quite heavy. Buy timber or composite board strong enough to take the weight of several pots.

Buy four lengths of chain to suit the height you want and brackets to fix them to the board and ceiling. Measure the outer rim of the pots about half way up, draw evenly spaced circles on the board, then cut out with a jig saw. Paint or stain the board to suit your decor. To water, remove pots to stand in the sink or keep them in their original plastic pots with a base, inside the decorative container.

Words by: Carol Bucknell
Photography by: Louis Lemarie
Interior designer: Esther Jostmeijer
Image source:

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