How to make seasonal adjustments to your living room

It’s time to say sayonara to summer and welcome autumn into our homes with a new mood.

A change in season brings with it a change in mood. We invited interior designer and stylist Kate Alexander to share her tips for transforming your living space into an autumn and winter retreat with statement pieces from King.

Turn down the brightness A simple way to make your space cosy is to lower the contrast. Select cushions in deep tones and hues, choose a darker rug, change any glass or reflective surfaces for wood or stone and add a lamp. Utilising a palette of gentle colours and matte surfaces will soften the room and invite you in for longer.

Put the focus on comfort

The reality is you’re going to spend a lot more time on your couch in the cooler months, so you’re going to want to make sure it’s comfortable. If your sofa isn’t quite long enough for you to stretch out, try adding a footstool. Keep extra warmth close at hand with a basket of blankets. And make sure your coffee table is at just the right height and distance away so you don’t have to reach too far for that cup of hot chocolate.

Style Tip: Invest in an aesthetically pleasing, well-made sofa and you’ll get years of tireless service from it.  King living sofas are made of steel frames (backed by a 25-year warranty), and the removable covers allow you flexibility to update rather than replace your furniture.

Get tactile  
Layers and texture are your seasonal best friends. Consider adding a second rug and layering one over the other. Use cushions of different materials. Opt for soft and tactile fabrics like wool, velvet, or felt. Boucle is on-trend and it’s oh-so-cuddly.

Keep nature in the picture
Stay connected with the outdoors and warmer times by displaying objects gathered from nature. “My favourite styling objects are things I’ve found and collected on my walks, especially if it was during a favourite summer beach moment,” says Kate. “Seaweed, bunny tails, sea glass, those spiky beach things. Not only do they remind me to get outside and explore, they’re unique and individual.”

Zaza 3 Seater Deep 2 Flex in Hamilton Mint $7749. Issho Coffee Table is $2130. Seymour Low Fixed Armchair in Viva Chestnut $2750. Balla floor lamp, $1100. Cassia Daybed in Truetouch Petrol $2534. Panama Cushions available in King fabrics from $135 (featured in Bonito Adobe by Kravet and Graffito Onyx/Beige by Elliot Clarke). All from King, Fig 14 Smoky Quartz original painting by Alice Berry from endemicworld.

Styling by: Kate Alexander, Places & Graces Photography by: Wendy Fenwick, Flash Studios



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