Kitchen hacks that might just change your life

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It’s not just tasty snacks, but handy kitchen hacks you’ll gain after watching these clever how-to videos

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Hack #1 Make a killer guacamole, and dispose of the mess just as easily

The truth about what you can put down the drain

Potato peels, banana peels, chicken bones, garlic peels, celery, even an avocado pip – the list of things people believe they shouldn’t put down a waste disposal unit has been handed down from mums to their children for decades. But the new InSinkErator Evolution Series of food waste disposers features technology that addresses the two most common food waste issues – grinding ability and noise.

Waste disposal systems have been around for more than 75 years, and many Kiwi homes would be lost without one. But with so much usage over such a long time, why does one of the most-asked questions continue to be, “What can’t I put down it?”

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Hack #2 You won’t look back after learning this seriously cool slicing tool

That’s just an old wive’s tale

Many people think you can’t put bones down a disposal unit. Another common myth is that you can’t put banana peels down either. But new MultiGrind technology allows users to grind nearly all food waste, inducing pesky bones!

‘But won’t it sound like I’m grinding concrete?’ some of you might be thinking. Not with SoundSeal technology, which grinds food with a significant reduction in noise. It achieves this with sound-deadening insulation, an anti-vibration system that keeps noise from transferring to your sink, and a specially designed sink baffle that pools water to minimise sound transfer.

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Hack #3 Carve like a pro and clean up like one too

 But I’ve got a septic system

Some people don’t put anything down their sink because they have a septic system. But in fact a septic tank that can handle a dishwasher and a washing machine can easily handle a disposer, too.

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