How to use metal in your home

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Metal is often best as an accent rather than the main event – for example, the above table design by William Worsp of WRW & Co that uses Reclaimed Rimu timber for the top, inset with a Raw steel powercoated plate and steel legs.


  1. Subtlety is key – think about softly burnished copper and brass rather than shiny stainless steel.
  2. Use blackened steel – on stairs or balustrades, say – for a robust, muscular look.
  3. For a modernist feel, choose light-fittings in spun brass or copper.
  4. Metal is often best as an accent rather than the main event – along the edge of timber stairs, or even set into the joins of a stone floor.
  5. Metal cabinetry doesn’t have to be cold but it is bullet-proof, so it’s great for families.


Bespoke furniture by: William Worsp of WRW & Co.

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