How to fix the dead space around your TV with clever styling

Alex Fulton finds a way to integrate a troublesome TV nook and helps a reader track down some designer goods that will fix this ‘dead space’


How to fix the dead space around your TV with clever styling

The problem is that the nook the TV and unit occupy is smaller than the sofa. That’s the main reason why the arrangement feels ‘off’ and disconnected from the other parts of the room. The nook is deeply recessed which compounds the issue and makes the space feel disjointed.

You could add shelving above the unit, making the shelves flush with the front of the unit. Nicely styled shelves would add interest to this corner and fill the ‘dead’ space above the TV. You could leave the TV where it is, but by balancing out this space and filling it, the TV zone will feel integrated into the room.


Floating shelves might be the best solution as they won’t take up too much space in the nook but will give it lovely lines and a stylish feel. Hardware stores sell these as well as design stores (I have seen plain white ones at Ikea suppliers). For a more permanent solution and a professional look you can get these customised by a local joiner who’ll be able to make them fit exactly, and in the desired finish.

It looks like those floor-to-ceiling windows don’t open, so use the full space of the room rather than huddling around the TV. Providing different seating options in a room will mean that people will use the spaces for more than just watching TV. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around and play with different set-ups to see what works for you and the family.

Words by: Alex Fulton.

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