6 best new fabric colour trends to inspire your interior style

Article by Simply You

Weave golden threads, ruby reds and nature-inspired motifs into the fabric of everyday life


1. Raspberry swirl 

Streaks and splashes of ruby red sweeten an otherwise pared-back palette.

While red remains the dominant force, a nice grain to the walls and floor keeps the decor grounded.


1. Élitis Parfums wallcovering, from Seneca.
2. Sanderson Magnolia & Pomegranate wallcovering, from Textilia.
3. Yasmin wallcovering, from Resene.
4. Estate fabric, by Textilia.
5. Zoffany Atticus Blue Stone fabric, from Textilia.
6. Mark Alexander Akata fabric, from Seneca.


2. Leaf is beautiful 

Wander down the garden path and discover summery materials inspired by wood grain and greenery.

Well-placed foliage in jade-coloured vases let this lively chair settle into its surroundings.


1. GP & J Baker Carnival Garden fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
2. Élitis Eldorado wallcovering, from Seneca.
3. Brunschwig & Fils Islamorada fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
4. City Lights wallcovering, from Resene.
5. Edit Tropo fabric, from Textilia.
6. Mark Alexander Calima fabric, from Seneca.


3. Romancing the stone 

Luxurious yet laidback, subtle hints of gold, blue and purple add warmth to every shade of grey.

Break up a monochrome room with subtle accents in complementry colours, such as the wood, bronze and gold tones in this all-grey living space.


1. Edit Metro fabric, from Textilia.
2. GP & J Baker Malabar fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
3. Zoffany Tespi Spot fabric, from Textilia.
4. Romo Nahli fabric, from Seneca.
5. Voyage Cube fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
6. Romo Hamlin fabric, from Seneca.


4. Honey, I’m home

The sweet marriage of golden hues with delicate textures and patterns is meant to bee.

In a geometric print reminiscent of honeycomb, these sheer curtains make a statement without overpowering the space or blocking out light.


1. GP & J Baker Tudor Weave, from Warwick Fabrics.
2. JAB Bo fabric, from Seneca.
3. Ibiza wallcovering, from Resene.
4. Kravet 4298: 4 fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
5. Misia Princesse Aiko fabric, from Textilia.
6. JAB Ornato fabric, from Seneca.


5. Strike a posy 

Living spaces bloom thanks to fabrics firmly rooted in the floral tradition.

Soft furnishings in rich jewel tones deliver comfort and opulence in a concrete-lined space.


1. Ibiza wallcovering, from Resene.
2. Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little Contour fabric, from Seneca.
3. Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little Duchess Garden fabric, from Seneca.
4. Jonathan Adler Correa Velvet, from Warwick Fabrics.
5. Barclay Buttera Sula fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
6. Warwick Kona fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.


6. Depth of field 

Oh-so easy on the eye, soft, dusky hues come into focus when paired with deeper shades.

This bold sofa in midnight blue anchors an otherwise candy-coated colour scheme.


1. Matthew Williamson Nevis wallpaper, from Seneca.
2. Casa fabric, by Textilia.
3. Duke fabric, by Textilia.
4. Warwick Cleo fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
5. Warwick Ritz fabric, from Warwick Fabrics.
6. JAB Velluto fabric, from Seneca.

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