26 walls you won’t believe are wallpaper

Article by Homes to Love

It might look like intricate brickwork or lightly cracked industrial-style concrete, but these surfaces are all wallpaper! 

26 walls you won’t believe are wallpaper

Visitors to your home won’t be any-the-wiser with these 26 textured wallpapers that deliver maximum impact for minimal effort

Looks and textures include:

  1. Channel your favourite gemstone with Agate wallpaper
  2. Create a New York loft feeling or converted warehouse style with brick wallpaper
  3. Concrete-look wallpaper lends a sleek industrial style
  4. Driftwood wallpaper is perfect for a beachy-style home
  5. Lightly eroded paintwork feels vaguely French and rustic
  6. Mimic the look of stacks of firewood in a lodge with this paper
  7. Why not have grass on the walls?
  8. Create a honeycomb effect with this hexagon-shape design
  9. Turn a living space into an ivy-covered escape
  10. This wallpaper looks like greenish-blue jade
  11. Create instant cosiness with a knit-look wallpaper
  12. Leather equals luxe in any room
  13. Marble never goes out of style – create an ultra chic look with marble-look walls
  14. Nylon paper adds a textural element to walls
  15. Warm up a space with a traditional slant with oak
  16. Pine wallpaper lends a mountain lodge vibe to an interior
  17. Quartz adds visual interest to a landing or hallway
  18. This rendered wallpaper mimics the look of an artist’s studio
  19. Steel is a wonderful look for a modern kitchen
  20. The look of tiles without all the upkeep of actual tiles
  21. Light and luxe ultrasuede
  22. Create the feeling of a velvet-lined restaurant booth with this design
  23. Water imagery is calming and carefree
  24. Xylopal is opalised wood and has beautiful layers and textures
  25. Chunky-knit yarn warms up a living space
  26. Zellige tiles sing of Morocco

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