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These homes prove dried flowers are the ultimate interior accessory

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If you’re still unconvinced that dried flowers can be just as good as fresh blooms, these homes below are sure to change your mind

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What is it about dried flowers? By all accounts, we should detest them for their stuffy, dust-collecting habits. But, as it turns out, they inspire the opposite reaction; interior lovers, florists and (it seems) everyone on Instagram can’t get enough of them. From thoughtfully arranged bunches to simple little posies, it appears you can’t go wrong when you’ve got a bunch of dried flowers in your home.

To stop your dried flower arrangement looking like, well, a bunch of dead flowers, you’ll need to vary texture, height and colour (where possible).

Creating your own dried flowers is fairly simple; just before your bunch of fresh blooms begins to wilt, take them out of their water and hang them upside down, out of direct sunlight. Hydrangeas are the exception to this rule; they have woody stems, so can simply be placed in an empty vase once their stems have dried.

Don’t just limit your dried arrangement to flowers however, you’ll need some foliage to add texture and substance. Grasses, bunny tails, eucalyptus leaves and toetoe are great options and provide a lovely contrast to bigger, more sculptural flowers like proteas.

Dried flowers

How to create a dried flower arrangement:

When your flowers and foliage have dried out, it’s now time to get creative with your arrangement.

If you use a wide, short vase fill it with chicken wire to help keep the stems in place and the structure of your arrangement intact.

Be gentle when placing them into the vase as the flowers and foliage will be brittle once they’re dried and will have little to no flexibility left.

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