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How to: Reuse & rework existing structures

Rather than pull down an old bach which is often a waste of perfectly good materials, think about how the existing structure can be reworked to suit your holiday needs.


Sculpture by Louise Purvis


  • Use readily available cost-effective materials for walls and furniture such as the poplar ply Bonnifait + Giesen has used in the house. Good design can transform even the most humble of materials.
  • Consider installing solar panels on the roof so you can be self-sufficient energy-wise.
  • Use low energy, passive solar design technologies such as the concrete pad on the northern side of this house’s interior. The pad stores the heat from the sun that enters through large glass windows and doors during the day in winter and releases it at night when the air cools.
  • Install rainwater tanks even if you are on mains water supply. This can be used for the garden and extra showers when friends and family come to stay in summer. In the winter you may harvest enough water to be completely self-sufficient.

Words by: Carol Bucknell. Photography by: Russell Kleyn.

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