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How your fridge can blend with your kitchen or make a stand-out statement

Samsung’s new bespoke French Door Fridge gives you creative control over the colour and finish to suit your kitchen

You’ve got your kitchen to the point of perfection, having created the ideal interior after spending hours contemplating every design decision from benchtop to joinery, lighting and tapware. So why limit yourself to choosing a fridge in conventional white or stainless steel, which so often doesn’t work with the rest of your carefully considered choices?

Fortunately, Samsung has launched the new Bespoke French Door Fridge. Aside from having a minimal, modern handlefree profile thanks to the interchangeable panels, you get to customise the colour and finish of the French Door Fridge to blend with your kitchen – or not – if you want to make a stand-out statement.

With either a Cotta Metal or Glam Glass Finish, you can also select your colour – how does Charcoal, White, Navy or Pink sound? There’s also nothing stopping you from going Glam Pink on the top and Cotta Charcoal on the bottom.

While the Samsung Bespoke French Door Fridge is a winner in the looks department, the cutting-edge Samsung technology is also everything you’d expect from this world-renowned electronics company. The Triple cooling system ensures precise cooling environments in the top half of the fridge, as well as separate temperatures in the bottom two parts of the fridge. There’s also a powerful UV deodorising filter to keep the air in your fridge smelling fresh.

Exceptional performance aside, having creative licence to change how your fridge looks is one of the most exciting developments in fridges in a long time. And if you tire of the panels you’ve chosen, or update your kitchen, change your panels for a new-look fridge.

Samsung Bespoke French Door Refrigerator, $6899; panels, $129 each, sold separately.

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