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The essential guide to selecting the best sectional garage door for your home

When it comes to your garage, selecting the right door is paramountSingle level house with black garage door

A crucial, though often overlooked element of your home’s street appeal is your garage door. It’s not just a functional portal into your home, but the first impression you offer to visitors. In a climate like New Zealand, where the landscape can be as dramatic as it is picturesque, your garage door is an assertion of style and a nod to practicality.

When it comes to your garage, the right door is paramount. Functionality is key as you don’t want to be wrestling with a temperamental door when the weather turns. It’s also a significant part of your home’s facade and should complement your architectural style, while also being secure and easy to use.

Garador has been in the garage door business for a long time. Established in 1962, Garador was built on its values of expert knowledge, customer service and attention to detail, ensuring its garage doors are so durable, that you won’t need its industry’s best warranties and service plans.

House with white trim, wooden panels and black garage doorGarador Sierra Garage Door offers a minimalist look

Which type of garage door is best for your home’s style?

Understanding your options is the first step to selecting your garage door. Garador offers a range of possibilities to suit specific architectural styles and environments.

Sectional Doors

The modern sectional garage door appeals to many homeowners because of its reliability, durability, and excellent sealing properties. Great at keeping the elements out and your contents in — thanks to its locking mechanism it can’t be pushed or pulled open from the outside. These doors ensure long-lasting security at your home’s entry point.

Garador’s sectional doors come in a range of styles to complement your home’s facade. From their traditional Grange sectional door with raised rectangular pressings, to the monolithic Aspen flat panel door for a minimalist look, Garador has a sectional door to suit any taste and style.

With optional insulation and automation, Garador’s sectional garage doors provide not only safety and security but convenience and comfort, too.

Garador Allegra range for a simple, timeless design

Find your perfect colour match

With a wide range of colour options available, from Ironsand to Pioneer Red, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tone to match your cladding or make a contrasting statement.

Garador’s pre-painted Colorsteel is manufactured specifically for New Zealand conditions and provides colour performance and scratch resistance.

If you have a specific colour in mind, speak to your local Garador dealer, as a range of Dulux Powder Coatings can be sourced to ensure your garage door fits the aesthetic you desire.

Garador Grange range for a traditional pressed panel door

To make your garage door selection easy, Garador has created a door visualiser on their website. Choose your house style, select your size requirements, and swatch the numerous panel styles and colours available.

Browse Garador’s range of sectional garage doors at

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