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Four projects with wool

Stylist Samantha Totty presents four simple projects using wool. Any colour will do!


1. Pom pom twigs

Secure the end of a strip of wool in your palm using your thumb. With your other hand, wrap the wool around three joined fingers 100 times. Slide the wool off your fingers. Tie an 8-inch piece of wool around the centre of the mound into a knot. Start snipping through the loops of wool to form a pom pom. Add a dab of hot glue to the end of a twig and insert into pom pom’s centre. Hold in place until glue dries.



2. Wall hanging

To make a tassel, wrap wool around a 6-inch thick piece of cardboard 10 times. Snip ends and slide the wool off the cardboard. Fold the wool in half. Cut another 6-inch piece of wool and wrap it several times around the top of the tassel. Secure with a double knot and trim. Attach five long strips of string to a piece of dowel and tie the tassels onto the string.



3. Heart art

Cut out a heart template on a piece of paper and place in the centre of a board. Use a pencil to mark small dots around the heart, spacing each mark about 1 inch apart. Use a hammer to insert nails into each of the pencil points. Securely tie one end of the wool to a nail and then wrap the wool around each nail randomly until completed.


4. Wool-covered jars

Apply a small dot of glue below the rim of a jar. Attach the end of a piece of wool and hold it in place for a few seconds to dry. Begin wrapping the wool around the bottle until you reach the bottom of the jar. Cut the wool and seal with another dab of glue.


Credits: Owl and rabbit print, pink vase, elephant and tape from Collected; all other props stylist’s own.

Created by: Samantha Totty. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash Studios.

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