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Four projects with vinyl

We’ve dreamed up four projects using vinyl, including this awesome headboard!


Create your own vinyl headboard

-You’ll need a piece of 7mm plywood cut to 1600mm x 800mm (for queen bed).

-Buy a piece of vinyl 1660mm square. Fold in half, right sides together, and slowly sew the 3 open sides (a normal sewing-machine needle should be fine), allowing a 1cm hem.

-Turn right side out and slip over the plywood.


Make some clever cuffs for your vases

-Measure circumference of vase (ours was 30cm) and add 8cm – cut vinyl to this length and 8cm wide. Fold in half (right side out) as per photo.

-Measure 3.5cm in from the open end and make 3 evenly spaced marks where the rivets will go.

-You will need 3 double-capped rivets.

-Take the top part of 1 rivet and push through both pieces of vinyl (you may need to pierce vinyl first). Take the back part of the rivet and squeeze onto the front rivet from behind.

-Repeat with other 2 rivets. Place cuff over vase.


How to make this cool plant bag

-Cut a strip of vinyl 90cm x 45cm.

-Fold over the long edge by 10cm, right side facing out – this forms the top edge of the bag.

-Turn vinyl inside out and join together by sewing down the side to form a cylinder.

-From another piece of vinyl, cut out a circle 30cm in diameter for the base.

-Line up circle with bottom of cylinder and join by sewing around the base.

-Turn right side out and pop in your plant. (Your bag is not waterproof so your plant will need to be in a watertight pot; or use an artificial plant.)


DIY cushions

-Cut 2 pieces of different coloured vinyl into squares the same size as your cushion inner (ours was 50cm).

-Lie vinyl squares on top of each other, right sides together.

-Sew together and add a zip.

-Turn right side out, pop in cushion inner and enjoy!

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Bauer Media Studio.

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