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Four ways with: Shells

Bring the beach into your home with these easy ideas from Vanessa Nouwens


On display

Shells look great in frames so grab a shadow box frame, line the inside back panel with a sheet of coloured cardboard and place shells half way up the frame. Secure the back panel and hang the frame on a wall or place on a sideboard.


Strung out

Gather some small cockle shells and twigs from your local beach to make a hanging shell decoration for your entranceway. Very slowly drill a small hole in the top of each cockle shell big enough to thread twine or thin rope through. Tie a knot after threading each shell and repeat this process until you reach your desired length. Try tying small twigs in between each shell or using cone-shaped shells as a variation.


Memory maker

Keep the memories of your favourite beach outing alive with a memory jar. Add some sand and shells to a jar then slot your photo into the back wall. Group several jars together on a sideboard for a striking display.


Outside the box

Paint plain kraft boxes in different designs and glue some of your favourite shells on top with a glue gun. These boxes are great for storing jewellery, makeup and keys.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens
Interior Designer: Vanessa Nouwens

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