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4 days of DIY – garage overhaul

Garage overhaul with designer Hannah Feltham, Good Space Design

Day 1 – Clear & Prepare

Move everything out of the garage. Make three piles: throw away, give away and keep. Check the ‘throw away’ pile to make sure it can’t be used by anyone else or for anything else before it goes to landfill. We store so much we don’t need in our garages so only keep what you actually use.

Decide where you want everything to go and how to organise it, then gather shelves, storage containers, racks and hooks, ready to install. Sticking to one type of material, such as ply, for all the shelves and cupboards will give a seamless look. Make sure all the storage containers fit on your shelves.

Day 2 – On the walls

Install bike-hanging racks and shelves for surfboards and skateboards. You want them to be easy to access but to take up the least amount of room possible.

Put up a wall of hooks. Attach a sheet of pegboard to the wall, then add hooks to hang bike helmets, other sports equipment and tools. Fishing rods can hang at the top so they are out of the way.

A jacket rack for bulky jackets is also a great idea if you don’t have a coat cupboard. Just make sure that this is installed in the driest part of the garage.

Day 3 – Get sorted

Sort what you have into ‘families’, such as water gear, camping and kids’ stuff (drawings, schoolbooks and memorabilia – make a pile for each child).

Label your storage containers in large writing, eg ‘Christmas decorations’, ‘Halloween’, ‘baby clothes’, then fill each box.

For everyday items, baskets are great, such as one for your dog holding leads, poo bags and towel. Make a ‘to-do basket’ for items to be returned or dropped off, so you can just grab and go.

A basket for each child is a good idea, so they know where their sports gear is kept.

Day 4 – The Bells & Whistles

Put everything back in its allocated place and enjoy how organised your garage looks.

Garages don’t have to be ugly, boring spaces, so if there is a spare wall, get some of the kids’ art framed and hung up.

Photography by: Are Media Syndication, Tom Hollow/ Mediaworks.

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