Fixtures and Fittings


Having the flexibility to design and renovate your home without extensive work and costly plumbing doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. With over 60 years of industry experience, the wastewater products by Saniflo have been revolutionising plumbing and home renovations across the world. Designed and developed in France, their innovative greywater and macerator pumps make it possible to install kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms anywhere in your house without the constraints of conventional plumbing.

As inventors of the macerator pump, research and development have always been at the core of Saniflo. They reinvest in developing the latest technology to ensure their products continue to be cost-effective solutions to plumbing problems.

Products like Sanivite allow you to plan and design a brand new laundry room, extra bathroom, or outdoor kitchen without worrying about where your existing plumbing is. Its ability to pump water 5m vertically or up to 50m horizontally back to the main sewerage gives you the flexibility to choose exactly where you want fixtures like your sink, shower or dreamy freestanding bath to be placed. Similarly, the inbuilt macerator and powerful pump in Saniflo’s toilet suite, Sanicompact, also allows you to design your dream bathroom or ensuite anywhere in your home without the need for extensive digging and or costly build-work.

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Saniflo’s products are available in plumbing stores nationwide. These products need to be installed by a plumber and you can find a list of their preferred installers on their website.

Find out more about their innovative products here and watch the video below to see the products in action.