This is the number one must-have item for a relaxing bathroom

Your bathroom is a sanctuary, the place where you can relax, unwind and let the stresses of the day go. So, what’s the number one must-have for the most relaxing bathroom? A bathtub

This is the number one must-have item for a relaxing bathroom

Bathroom trends come and go but one key feature is always relaxation, and bathtubs are the ultimate drivers for relaxation in the bathroom – you can simply lie down and let the water wash over you.

One of the hottest bathroom trends at the moment is the standalone bathtub. Not only does a bath achieve the dual purposes of washing and relaxation, they also look fantastic, making your bathroom a real destination within the home.

However, plumbing constraints are one of the common problems homeowners face when planning a dream bathroom addition, such as a standalone tub or the luxurious bedroom bathtub. For example, the ideal bathtub location might be somewhere that’s far from the sewerage/water mains, on a concrete slab or flooring that can’t be disturbed (such as tiles), or even underground! In these instances, a grey water pump from Saniflo is the solution.

Saniflo, the French inventor of the macerator pump, has been helping home (and business) owners achieve their renovation dreams for over 60 years. The range of macerator and grey water pumps are perfectly suited to help make seemingly impossible bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations possible.

With the ability to pump water 5m vertically or up to 50m horizontally back to the main sewerage, the Sanivite opens up the options for the placement of your new tub. The Sanivite can also connect to a sink and shower, so you may like to consider installing a relaxing (and visually pleasing) rain shower in your new bathroom!

Bedroom beauty 

Another bathtub trend that is increasing in popularity is a bathtub in the bedroom! This hotel inspired trend creates the ultimate luxurious bedroom environment. To achieve this, Saniflo’s Sanivite will connect using slim 25mm pipes to pump the water away, meaning there’s minimal disruption to your space.

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