This one product will change the way you design your dream laundry

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This must-have product is your cost-effective solution to creating a dream laundry space you love to be in

We spend so much time in the dull cycle of washing, drying and folding laundry that it makes sense to want a well-designed space that will make you feel happy. Despite often being overlooked as just a utility room, laundries have stepped into the spotlight as the space in your home to add some style and personality.

Giving your laundry some style

Today we’re seeing a growing trend in laundries being designed as both beautiful and functional. We love how people are creating neatly organised spaces with a neutral paint palette and are bringing a sense of fun through with bold tiles or statement colours. A pattern tile splashback coupled with statement taps and a thoughtfully designed bench space will add a bit of style to everyday cleaning.

Getting your storage right is important in a practical space like a laundry – plus, it will make you look like you’re a tidy person even if you’re not. Open shelving with storage baskets is a popular organising option but make sure you leave space for a tall cupboard for items like your mop and vacuum.

Nailing your layout and location

The main issue people run into when designing their laundry is trying figure out the best place in their house to put it. The layout of your laundry can make or break the space – especially when you’re working within tight quarters. You have to carefully consider the positioning of your sink and appliances, and plumbing plays a major role in this decision.

Laundries are traditionally integrated into the kitchen or bathroom because the plumbing is already there. However, this can cause headaches when you don’t have extra space to play with or you just simply want your laundry in another area of your house. If you need a lot of plumbing work, these renovation restrictions can turn a simple interior refresh into an expensive exercise.

Finding a simple solution

The cost-effective answer to this tricky issue is an innovative greywater pump, Sanivite. Designed by French company Saniflo, the Sanivite greywater pump makes it possible to install kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms anywhere in your house without conventional plumbing. With their 60 year history of creating inventive wastewater products, Saniflo is well versed in finding solutions to plumbing problems. Their Sanivite system can pump up to 5m vertically and 50m horizontally which gives you the flexibility to design your home your way.

Whether you’ve got a brand new laundry room, an alfresco kitchen or an outdoor bath on your renovation wish list, plumbing is made easy with a Sanivite system.

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Photography by: Helen Bankers and Vanessa Lewis, Emma MacDonald, Helen Bankers, Emma MacDonald, Supplied: Saniflo.

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