Embrace the shade with these stylish outdoor umbrellas

Article by Your Home and Garden by Mae MacDonald

Enjoy the summer sun in your backyard or at the beach with an outdoor umbrella
Photographer: Alana Landsberry

We absolutely love the sunshine, whether outdoors cooking a BBQ with friends or soaking up the rays on our beach towels.

However, we know how intense the summer sun can be in New Zealand. Therefore, investing in a high-quality beach or outdoor umbrella is essential.

Depending on your needs, there are various ways to stay shaded and cool beyond a traditional outdoor umbrella. You may desire a durable cantilever umbrella, a canopy tent to fit the whole family or a chic beach umbrella with tasselled edges.

So, check out our guide to the best outdoor and beach umbrellas, and indulge in summer’s best activities.

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What colour outdoor umbrella is best to block the sun?

It doesn’t matter if your umbrella is darker or lighter, as all good quality models are designed to absorb heat and protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Technically, darker colours absorb more heat, but depending on your interiors, you may prefer a lighter umbrella.

How do you keep an umbrella in the ground at the beach?

Our top tips include twisting the beach umbrella’s pole into the sand, using a sand anchor or employing stabilising weights.

What can I use instead of a sun umbrella?

Consider a beach canopy or pop-up tent if you want an alternative to a traditional beach umbrella. These shade-savers provide a great amount of shade and are foldable and portable, making them easy to transport to the beach.

Words: Mae MacDonald

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