How this timeless townhouse achieved a mid-century look

A timeless townhouse in Auckland exudes a distinctly mid-century vibe thanks to the clever use of colour, furniture and art

Mid century furniture in an Auckland townhousePhotography: Helen Bankers

“It’s eclectic, but with a theme,” say the homeowners. Full of rich oranges and reds paired with sleek textures, this renovated Auckland townhouse delivers style by the boatload.

To get the look for yourself, make note of what silhouettes and colours you love from iconic mid-century designs. Do you love the buttery brown tones of a Noguchi coffee table? Or the laid-back, commanding presence of an Eames chair? Look for these shapes and looks when you next go furniture shopping. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised to find that dupes and heavily-inspired vintage designs are closer, and more affordable than you might expect.

Next, bring in warm neutrals paired with pops of colour, from a honey mustard rug to an olive-green vase. The colour used here is timeless and distinctly retro, but always on trend. You’ll want elements of fun; candelabras and quirky fruit bowls that add a contemporary factor amongst swathes of mid-century.

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