Sip in style: 2024’s most trending drink bottles

Stay hydrated all day, every day, with these too-cool water bottlesPhoto: Unsplash

The most popular accessory of the summer? The humble water bottle, of course. From the Tik-Tok famous Stanley Cup to the hyper-popular Frank Green water bottle, everyone and anyone has been spotted with a reusable bottle in hand.

If there is one wellness tip that everyone can agree to, it’s the importance of drinking your water. But it can be easy to forget to keep up with your water intake – particularly in the office. You’ve probably heard the term ’emotional support water bottle’, and this viral trend may just be your key to staying hydrated in 2024.

Investing in a good quality drink bottle can motivate you to drink more water throughout the day. There’s a myriad of options to choose from, from stainless steel options that keep your sparkling drinks cool for hours to ceramic, vacuum-insulated bottles that retain heat so you can enjoy your hot peppermint tea hours after brewing. 

Which water bottle is best for drinking?

These days, there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all drink bottle. The best drink bottle for you may depend on your activities of the day.

Frank Green’s extra large Ceramic Reusable Bottle is made with adventures in mind, so when you’re working up a sweat, the wide mouth allows for quick hydration. The stainless steel bottle is made to last; it’s ceramic lined to retain flavour, and triple wall vacuum insulated to maintain temperature so that you can sip on chilled water or brewed tea for hours. 

It’s no wonder the Frank Green brand is highly popular – its 1L bottles can even be paired with a car cup holder expander, so you can take your new best friend anywhere you go. 

Other practical drink bottles include an easy-flow straw that can retract into the lid when not in use. The viral Stanley’s BPA free Iceflow is a stylish option that boasts a leak-proof flip straw, easy to carry handle and is available in multiple colours to take your attire to the next level. 

2024’s top three water bottles

  1. Ceramic Reusable Bottle with Straw Lid 2L $98.99, from Frank Green (SHOP HERE)
  2. Stanley Quencher H2.0 40oz, $99, from The Iconic (SHOP HERE)
  3. Back To Life Sport Bottle 240z, $69 from Lululemon (SHOP HERE)

The best water bottles 2024


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