Fruit bowls worth going bananas about

A beautiful fruit bowl will add elegance and fun to your counter top Photography by David Wheeler

If you’re on a mission to inspire your whānau to eat their five+ a day, a gorgeous fruit bowl helps draw attention to the delicious produce it holds.

Proudly display your chosen fruit bowl on your dining table or in your colourful kitchen to make a complementary statement, and have fun arranging your favourite fruit and veggies.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of favourite fruit bowls that’ll enhance your wellbeing and joy.

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What is the best bowl to keep fruit in? Should fruit bowls have holes?

Try a low-edged or see-through bowl so you can keep an eye on ripening fruit.

We also recommend a fruit bowl with holes (like mesh) or one made of ceramics or wood to promote airflow and help keep your fruit fresher.

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