10 of the best: butter dishes to swoon over

Press one of these butter dishes into service and you’ll wonder how you ever went without

Here at Your Home and Garden, we see the trending homewares and latest product launches, and sort through the best of the best, both in function and aesthetics. Because of course, our homewares must look good on our shelf and make our lives that little bit better.

Lately, we’ve been seeing several gorgeous butter dishes appear on our feeds. Grandmacore is well and truly thriving, and with these butter dishes, we wonder how we ever went without.

Buttering toast with straight-from-the-fridge butter isn’t recommended unless you’re after thick wodges of the yellow stuff and a few holes in the toast to boot. Don’t even get us started on trying to get a layer across the surface of bread.

Keep a small amount of it under the cover of a butter dish and leave it on the kitchen bench for soft, spreadable butter without having to stick it in the microwave for a while. You’ll never go back to having all your butter in the fridge.

10 of the best butter dishes for your kitchen decor

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