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8 secrets to creating a fun summer entertaining space

This fun, colourful family bach shows how you can create a great summer space at home.

Summer kitchen entertaining

8 secrets to creating a fun summer entertaining space

1 Inside out
When colour and style from inside is carried outdoors your entire living space will look cohesive. Continue the same style of furniture and accessories from indoors onto your deck. Repeat an accessory you’ve used indoors outside, such as bunting, which looks great on a trellis outdoors.

2 Take your pick
Make the most of the wide range of outdoor fabrics available. Made from the highest quality fibres, these fabrics are hard wearing yet soft to touch – perfect for cushions, bean bags, hammocks, squab covers or tablecloths – indoors and out. They won’t fade, are water resistant and machine washable too.

Bright summer themed table

3 Zone out
Think about how you like to use your home. Is it important for you to have an outdoor dining space for entertaining? How about a relaxing area for reading? A play area for kids or a utility area? Cater for each of your uses. Use furniture, painted walls, outdoor rugs, lighting, umbrellas and landscaping to define these zones.

Bright colourful kitchenware

4 Dine out
One of the best aspects of summer is eating outdoors. Invest in a great table and seating that suits your style and fits your needs; bench seats are great for big groups. Setting the table with lovely linen, plates and glassware makes every meal feel special.

Bright, fun plates in summer

5 Perfect play
Swings, a sandpit or pools are great outdoor additions for kids. A collection of bean bags and cushions grouped together is a fun way to create a relaxing zone for kids to play in. Throw in a teepee or shade sail and they’ll be in the fresh air outdoors all afternoon.

6 Colour wheel
Take inspiration from your home’s interior and continue the indoor hues outside. Colour is a key element to providing flow from indoors to outside. Do this via soft furnishings, textiles, umbrellas, table settings and rugs. Choose one main colour for your decorative items, then use one or two others to accompany
it throughout the space.

bright, colourful, summer family meal

7 Comfort factor
Throws on the back of chairs for warmth, umbrellas for shade from the sun, citronella candles for keeping away bugs, soft cushions to snuggle into and a fireplace for atmosphere and warmth – they’ll form a laid-back spot for chilling out in.

relaxing summer space outside

8 Lighten up
Bring the garden to life at night with lights. Festoon lights and lanterns containing LED lights create a fun, party atmosphere. Fairy lights look gorgeous wrapped around posts or plants. Arrange hurricane lanterns on steps and window ledges. And don’t forget candlelight – it’s flattering and relaxing.

Words by: Catherine Steel. Photography by: Angela Keoghan. Interior Designer: Vanessa Nouwens

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