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A new-build with timeless Californian bungalow features

Despite being a new-build, this home is a nod to tradition with timeless Californian bungalow features

Who lives here?
Victoria Richardson (mother and interior designer), Craig Richardson (CEO), Will, 11, Charlotte, 9, and Reilly, 7.

Victoria, what was your favourite room to decorate and why?
The master bedroom. We’ve created a cosy sanctuary with a fabric headboard I made myself and a leather armchair in the corner. The colour scheme is fairly neutral but has a touch of dusky pink with a pale grey duvet and dark-wood bedside tables. The linen drapes make the room feel luxurious and hotel-like.

What style are you inspired by?
I love the American style, but I was careful not to go down the Hamptons path with kitschy nautical-themed decor. That style to me is perfect for a coastal beach house, but not what I wanted for our everyday living. I drew from the relaxed yet elegant style of those grand American homes you see all over the States.

How stressful is building a new home?
It can be a very stressful process, especially when you want things done a certain way and in a specific timeframe, and then something out of your control throws the timing and budget out the window. I am a planner and a detail-oriented person so having any delays definitely caused me a bit of stress. In the end, though, there is not much you can do about it, so I learned to take a deep breath and relax! It all got done in the end.

Words by: Annick Larkin
Photography by: Emma MacDonald

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