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Jodi Newnham’s home is a modern luxe dream thanks to her expert eye

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It’s not often that you’d see mid-century style, modern luxe pieces and an artisan edge work in perfect harmony, but Jodi Newnham’s home achieves this with expert precision


Jodi Newnham’s home is a modern luxe dream thanks to her expert eye

Auckland interior designer Jodi Newnham’s interiors exude modern luxe. With more than a passing nod to Hollywood glam, her spaces mix unique mid-century pieces with rich jewel colours, geometric shapes and contrasting textures. Nowhere is the designer’s style more apparent than in her own home, where mid-century furniture is set against a backdrop of white walls and pale timber flooring. Detailing is kept simple to highlight her collection of furniture and art.


After studying art and working in fashion, Newnham’s passion for interiors morphed into the launch of Swag Design studio almost three years ago. Her work as an interior designer dovetails nicely with Mid Century Swag, her online store showcasing noteworthy mid-century pieces from the United States.

Newnham is drawn to the era’s style and craftsmanship. “I’ve always been intrigued by furniture and art that has a story. I think your eye is drawn to objects that spark conversation and mid-century pieces do this for me.”


Newnham still paints abstracts and some have even found their way into her clients’ homes. “My approach is similar to the interiors I create. There is a warmth and moodiness. Layers of dark colours are often mixed with golds or metals to create a luxurious feel.”

The key to interior design is to use the same approach as when putting together a wardrobe, she advises. “Invest in classic pieces, then add layers to those staples.” Rooms are anchored by statement furniture such as a beautiful sofa and smaller accessories that can be changed.


Newnham enjoys “changing things around” in her home, something her husband Paul Barry is used to, as he often arrives home to a different layout. Her children, Niamh, eight, and Stafford, six, frequently get bedroom décor updates. “I can’t help myself,” she laughs. “I get an idea and I have to see how it will look.”

Words by: Leanne Moore/Cave. Photography by: Helen Bankers/Cave.

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